Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter!

From my last companion Sister Kim, I learned how to better express my gratitude. To do that, I've been writing my blessings in the end of my planner every day and thanking the members like crazy. As I have been expressing my gratitude, I've felt so much happier. I have so many thank you cards to write!!

Here are a few things I've been grateful for this week...

1. Austin emailed me last week and Brooke wrote me a letter.

2. We updated my foreigner card so I'm still legal! 

3. We were able to meet with five different members this week and practice teaching the plan of salvation really well. 

4. For preparation day, we went to the temple and rode bikes along the 한강 river. It was a blast! And a beautiful day! 

5. I got a package at the temple from the Robinsons. 

6. We went sticker boarding with the Elders, it was a lot of fun!

7. We went to Young Women’s on Sunday and we were able to participate in the lesson. I told the girls in Korean about experiences I had when I was their age.

8. Yesterday was ward conference so on Saturday night we had a big 가정의 (family night). It was great! Most of the ward came including less actives. Our only investigator even came. Sister Robinson and I had to do the message. We watched a scene from Meet the Mormons and asked for people's thoughts on it. Our investigator ended up sharing her thoughts of how she liked learning about our church. It was a neat experience and I'm so grateful for it.

9. I love serving in the Mokdong ward! 

10. I have a great companion, Sister Robinson!

I love being a missionary. I'm grateful for all the experiences I've had thus far! Have a wonderful week!!

Sister Mustain

Temple Day!

한강 River

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