Thursday, June 4, 2015

Prayer Works

So much happened this week which made me so tired. But hey, that made going to bed easier. This week I learned two very important lessons: always update the records, and don't forget to pray.  

On Monday we had a dinner appointment and we left with plenty of time to get there. When we got there we found out the record was wrong and ended up being  an hour late to our appointment. So always make sure to update the records because it may not affect you, but it will affect future missionaries.  

Then on Thursday, we got to our appointment earlier only to realize she wanted to meet us at her work not at her house. It was crunch time because she could only meet for an hour. So we had to take a taxi, except one problem, there wasn't one in sight. So I said a prayer while Sister Kelly was trying to figure out what to do. And guess what... a taxi came and we were only ten minutes late to our appointment, and everything worked out. It was with a member and she was super sweet and understanding. God hears and answers our prayers and he knows us. He wants to help us, all we have to do is ask. How amazing is that?!? 

This week I learned as I pray I can learn to rely on him. I was struggling with who I want to be as a missionary and as a person this week. So I had been praying to know. On Friday we had a combine mission conference with the Seoul Mission. It was amazing! Even though I didn't pray to receive an answer at the conference, I got my answer. God answered my prayer and he will answer yours. I know that is true with all my heart. 

Last week I talked about how I was going to try and be more bold this week. And so far it is going well. I'm trying hard to speak up and it is starting to get easier to talk to people. I still struggle and I'm far from perfect, but God is helping me to perform the tasks he has asked of me. On Tuesday our appointment fell through so we had time to walk around and proselyte. We walked by a park and there was a Mom sitting on a bench watching her kids. When I saw her I thought, Ok here's your chance. So when Sister Kelly asked if I wanted to talk to her I didn't hesitate.  I started the conversation and we ended up talking to her for a half hour. Nothing has come of it yet, but I know it gave me the confidence I needed to talk to people.  I'm so grateful for this week and the incredible people I have the opportunity to serve. I know this gospel is true.

Have an incredible week and remember God loves you!

Mustain 자매

Riding the train

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