Monday, June 29, 2015

New Area, New Companion, New Challenges

I made it to my new area! This week was super busy. We had P-day, service, transfers, district day (I don't know how I feel about that yet), English class, a lot of meals/practice lessons, and church.

Right before it was time to leave to my new area, I was ready! I had packed all my things, I knew this is what needed to happen and I said my goodbyes. However, after getting to my new area I started to feel homesick for Incheon. I missed the people, my companion, and the big city like feeling. My new area is more country like, but like my last area houses still don't exist. Even though I have those feelings, I love this area, the people, and my new companion.
My new companion is Sister Holmes. She is from Danville, Pennsylvania. She is fun and we talk a lot. It is really hard to get us to stop talking. I know now that I needed Sister Kelly as my trainer, and right now I need Sister Holmes as my companion. 

It has been hard to change everything I was used to. The routines, the house, the environment, the companion, the district, etc. But it is teaching me one important lesson. "Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone." -Neale Donald Walsch. 

I'm not sure what other missions do this, but in my mission we decorate our planners so they aren't boring. Since I was leaving, Sister Kelly decorated mine. She put the quote stated above on it. This transfer my goal is to get outside my comfort zone. Even though I thought I knew what it was like to be a missionary, I have learned I only knew the half of it. 

Nothing about being a missionary is comfortable, but that's why I'm learning so much. In Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin's talk Come What May and Love It, he expresses this very idea. He said, 

"Learning to endure times of disappointment, suffering, and sorrow is part of our on-the-job training. These experiences, while often difficult to bear at the time, are precisely the kinds of experiences that stretch our understanding, build our character, and increase our compassion for others." 

Although this transfer hasn't been easy so far, I know it will make me stronger. Even though I miss my old area and companion, I'm so excited to work in Shinpoong and work with the people here. It may be uncomfortable, but I know through Christ I can do all things (Alma 26:12). I'm looking forward to all the disappointment, because all that does is give me the opportunity to learn. 

Sister Mustain

Sister Holmes

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