Friday, May 29, 2015

Members are Amazing!

This week was amazing! We didn't have P-day on Monday because we were going to the temple on Thursday. So on Monday we had a meeting to discuss the English class and how to make it more organized since we now have 10 missionaries in our district instead of 4. The English class is every Friday night and we have four classes; kids, beginning, intermediate, and advanced. It is nice to have 10 missionaries now to make the class run more smooth. 

On Tuesday we had service, interviews with President Morrise (the mission president), and we did a practice lesson at a member's house. This week I learned to love the members. We visited with 5 members of the ward and did practice lessons. The members are so loving and care so much about missionaries and missionary work.
Bike riding along the river
Thursday was Temple P-day! Those are the best ones. I love being in the temple and the spirit I'm able to feel there. We had Taco Bell for lunch and rode bikes along the river. It was so cool, but it felt weird riding a bike again. We had dinner with Sister 홍영주 and her family and rushed over to our missionary meeting. I went straight to bed because I started feeling sick. 

Friday was weekly planning and English class. I felt sick most of the day and wasn't very hungry so we had a bingsu (ice cream) for dinner.  Best dinner ever! 

On Saturday we met with two members, Sister 이지선 and Sister 이애경. We had lunch with Sister 이지선. She just got married and does fashion for a living. She is so kind and helped us find our way to her house.  I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to get to know her. Then we headed over to Sister 이애경's house. Sister 이애경 is amazing! She prayed to know how she could help us with Korean. She helped me write my introduction talk by having me write it in English and then she translated it in to Korean. I'm so blessed to be serving in such an incredible ward with members who are so loving. This week we have even more practice lessons. 

This week was amazing and showed me how much God cares about me and what I'm doing. On Sunday we had another meal and practice lesson which was great! Then for companionship study we read a talk about being a consecrated missionary. I learned I need to open my mouth. I have been really bad at opening my mouth because I'm afraid. I'm afraid of not understanding people. I'm afraid of offending someone because I can't say it in Korean. This talk we read helped me realize I need to open my mouth and try, and through God I can do all things. That is my goal this week. I'm going to open my mouth and try the best I can to talk to everyone I see. I'm so grateful Sister Kelly suggested we read this talk about being a consecrated missionary. After Sister Kelly helped me write things I could say to people as I try to open my mouth. I'll let you know how that turns out. 

I know this gospel is true. Have a wonderful week and remember God loves you!

Mustain 자매

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