Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas and Miracles!

Well... as a missionary, I'm learning the importance of goal setting. Last week I made a goal to write more meaningful journal entries. So because of that and the fact that when I called my family they requested more stories, I'm going to have lots of stories in this week's email. 

Last Monday we didn't have any lessons scheduled but we were desperate to teach a lesson. So we planned to teach a lesson. We put it in our goals and role played it during studies. It wasn't P-day, so we had time to visit less active members and proselyte. When we went to visit our less actives, one was home! We were able to teach her and her non-member husband a lesson. It was neat to see when you act in faith, God does prepare a way for you to teach a lesson!

On Tuesday we had a Christmas conference with all the missionaries in our zone! It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot to help me be a better missionary. What I liked most about it was our nativity. For the nativity, two missionaries read the Nativity story (one in Korean and one is English.)  In between sections we sang Christmas hymns that went along with the story. It was super neat!  I could feel the spirit so strong. That moment is what made this past week feel the most like Christmas. 

There were a lot of other things that happened this week. We went to the temple and I got to call my family!  We also had a zone proselyting activity on Christmas Day! We were running late to the activity (sister missionary problems.) We ended up talking to this girl who was super sweet! She really enjoyed church and we started talking to her about the Bible, that lead to the Book of Mormon. We ended up giving her a Book of Mormon as a Christmas gift. She was super excited about it, and said it was her first Christmas gift this year. It just goes to show that God knows everything and He is even aware of sister missionaries running late. 

I hope that is an acceptable amount of stories for you. This was the best Christmas in Korea ever!! I'm so grateful to be a missionary! 

Happy New Years!!!

Love, Sister Mustain
Christmas Eve at the Temple

Christmas Day

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