Friday, September 25, 2015

Another Week Another Lesson

This week wasn't nearly as crazy as the week before, but we were able to meet almost all of our investigators. And we had an amazing less active lesson. 

My new companion is Sister Langi. She is great and I'm excited for this transfer with her.

As for this week I learned how to truly care about the people. Since I arrived in 신풍 (my current area) we have been working with a less active named Summer. She's Korean, but she speaks perfect English. She comes to English class every week, but she doesn't feel like she belongs to the church. Every time we met we found new ways to teach without shoving the gospel down her throat. As Sister Holmes and I met with her, she has changed so much. She has gone from just tolerating our lessons to appreciating them. I've loved getting to know her. 

When Sister Langi and I met with her last week I realized just how much she has changed because we started showing her how much we care about her. That time with her was completely worth it! She is amazing and I'm so blessed to be able to work with her and all our other investigators and members this transfer. 

This weekend is like Korea's Thanksgiving so we haven't been able to meet with a lot of people. Hopefully that will change! I know that God loves each of us. As we reach out to those around us we can feel that love. 

Have an amazing week!!! 

Sister Mustain

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