Thursday, May 14, 2015

Recognize the Miracles

Well... This week was amazing because we had transfer calls, we were able to meet with Crystal, and I was able to Skype my family! 

So there are a lot of changes happening in our zone. Our district now has 10 missionaries, 5 sets, and 4 missionaries are being transferred. Districts in Korean are the amount of missionaries they have in one ward. That means there are 10 missionaries in our ward. That's a lot of missionaries!

On Wednesday I had my first meal with members. We ate at a buffet style restaurant and I had to eat more food than my stomach could handle, but it was great because we are low on cash and we can use all the free meals we can get. This was just one of many miracles this week. 

On Thursday we had zone training. We met with Ritchell a less active, and Crystal our investigator. It was so good to meet with them and see the difference we are making in their lives. Ritchell's husband is an investigator for the Elders. The Elders told us that he really appreciates us visiting his wife which is opening him up to the gospel. On Thursday Ritchell had made us dinner which was a miracle because we didn't know what we were going to do about dinner. I know as we serve others and rely on God he will bless us. We met with Crystal, which was a miracle since we haven't been able to meet with her. 

This week was filled with miracles. One more was today as we were walking to email, we met a lady and started talking with her in Korean. This was a miracle to me because I was able to practice listening and a little bit of talking in Korean. I'm so grateful for this week, because I learned the Lord's hand is really in this work and if I'm diligent in doing what he has asked of me then he will help me along the way. This week I learned as I look for the miracles and blessings, I am able to move forward with hope and faith. No matter how bad things get everything will be alright.

I'm so grateful to be here in Korea as a missionary. Being a missionary helps me learn far more about myself and my relationship with God and my Savior more than I ever could at home. So my challenge this week is to look for the miracles in your life and take the time to thank God for the blessing in your life.

Have a wonderful week and remember the miracles!

Seoul is similar to New York City

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