Thursday, July 21, 2016


Yesterday in Sunday School we learned about prayer. This caused me to think about how prayer has impacted my life. So for today I would just like to share my testimony on prayer.

Before I started my mission I prayed every day and I prayed when I needed help. However, as a missionary I have come to know that prayer is so much more! I have learned prayer is how we communicated with our Father in Heaven who loves us more than we can imagine. Through prayer we can thank him for all the miracles in our life. We can ask him for help. When we feel there is no one else to talk to, we can talk to him. I've also learned His answers can be as simple as a feeling of peace to a miracle of being able to meet with an investigator. 

We are meeting with two people who we teach English and the gospel to. They are originally English interest, but as we meet you can feel they are ready for the gospel. This past week we met with them and I could feel the spirit strongly as we taught. 

We also met with a mom who is very interested in English for her two daughters. We taught them a very simple lesson on prayer and you could feel the spirit in that room. It is amazing the difference a sincere prayer can make in our lives.

As I pray with and for these people I serve in Korea, I can feel God's love for them. Through prayer I can feel God's love for me. I know prayer is for our benefit and I know that God loves me. I'm so grateful to be a missionary!!


Sister Mustain

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