Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Last Transfer?!?!

In an effort to work harder than ever, Sister Tolley and I are going to find seven new investigators this week. That is one a day. We know there are many people in our area just waiting to hear the gospel and in an effort to show are faith, we are going to find a new investigator everyday this week. We are praying, planning, and talking to as many people as possible in order to do it. I know if we diligently set a goal and work toward it, God will help us. I'm so excited for this week, but as for last week...

We got a new mission president this week--President Turner. It is different, but still good. We were able to meet him on Thursday. 

On Friday, we met with a two new investigators who were a referral from another set of missionaries. We were told they mostly have English interests, but when we met with them they had lots of potential. I’m so excited to work with them. 

Here is the miracle for the week: The mother and her daughter we have been teaching have been coming to church almost every week for about two months now, but we haven't been able to meet them outside of church. The mom loves the church and wants her and her daughter to be a part of it. The daughter feels a lot of pressure about baptism and there is no one her age in our ward to fellowship her. In an effort to focus more on the daughter we made something for her, but she didn't come to church yesterday. However, her mom did. After church we asked if we could come home with her and give the gift to her daughter. She let us, and invited us in. She wanted to give us a drink, but we were fasting so we told her we couldn't. She wanted to feed us, so she invited us to their house for lunch this week. It was a miracle!! We will finally be able to meet them outside of church and will be able to help them more!  I’ve learned God really cares about us and if we follow him he will bless us. 

I'm so blessed to be a missionary serving my Heavenly Father! I know this gospel is true. I know the gospel can make us happier than we could ever imagine! 

Sister Mustain

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