Sunday, May 1, 2016

Emergency Transfers

So this weekend was crazy! On Saturday we got a call from our mission president telling us that Sister Robinson was being transferred to 신풍 because one of my former companions is going home to have surgery! So I now have a new companion Sister Tolley. It was crazy! And this new transfer started two weeks ago. 

In other news... this week was super busy going from appointment to appointment. We were running around like crazy! We have been trying to work our hardest and have been talking to everyone, and speaking more Korean than English. It has been so much fun!! 

We had a really good lesson with our investigator. It was one of our best! I can see that she is so ready to be baptized, but she says she is not ready to take that step yet. 

Well... This week was a lot of fun. I’m so grateful to serve in Korea! The people are amazing. On Sunday we had stake conference and I was able to see members from my very first ward in Korea. They still remembered me and it was so good to see them again. I love my mission. I love waking up every day ready to share the gospel because I know with all my heart it is true! 

Have a wonderful week and remember your Heavenly Father and Jesus love you!!

Sister Mustain

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