Monday, August 24, 2015


Last week seems like an eternity ago. I've learned so much this week and I'm so grateful because of it. 

This week I worked on making mistakes and learning from them starting with Korean. I tried to speak only Korean for at least an hour a day. It was hard, but the more I did it the more comfortable I felt in my Korean ability. Sister Holmes was able to identify mistakes I made and help me correct them. Through this I learned how important mistakes are and how there is no way to progress unless we make them.   

I also made mistakes through talking to people. I've been working on talking to people without the help of my companion this transfer. When I talk to people I make mistakes (a lot of mistakes.) This week I evaluated myself after talking to people. I learned not just how I can be better at Korean, but how I can be better at teaching the gospel and inviting people to hear it. 

This week was amazing! In addition to what I learned our ward had a baptism this week. It was a for a ten-year-old girl who's mother is a recent convert. It was so cute. After she was baptized she went into the water and swam out of the font. It was adorable and it made me realize how important the little moments are in missionary work and in life. 

I'm so grateful to be a missionary! And I know that I wouldn't be able to do the things I'm doing and learn the things I'm learning with out the help of my Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Mustain 자매



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