Friday, August 21, 2015

Korean and The Book of Mormon

So a lot of people have been asking me, "How's the language coming?" I have yet to answer that, so here goes nothing. Korean is not hard, it just takes a long time. 

Until last week, I felt like I couldn't say anything and all I do is make mistakes. However because of training and interviews this week, I realize I need to stop making excuses. This week as Sister Training Leaders, Sister Holmes and I had to give training in both Korean and English. This was hard because Sister Holmes and I are at different levels in our Korean ability, but we did it! It turned out fine. I was able to recognize it wasn't me who was speaking Korean, it was the Spirit. 

I also had interviews with my mission president this past week. From interviews, I learned I needed to SYL more. Which is going an hour or more only speaking Korean. As I did this this weekend, I learned I know a lot more than I think I do and sometimes it is hard to go back to English. The most important lesson I learned in all of this is that mistakes are necessary, no matter how much you hate them. So this week I'm going to be bold and make mistakes. Wish me luck!

In addition to learning Korean, I learned about the power of the Book of Mormon in missionary work. I learned the Book of Mormon is the key stone of our religion, without it we wouldn't have a religion. It made me think about my testimony of the Book of Mormon. 

I started reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning again. As I've been reading it each morning and as I studied the prophet Nephi, I learned this book is full of people who learn how to rely on Christ. They aren't perfect people, they are just trying to be better. I'm so grateful for the strength the Book of Mormon gives me to know I'm not perfect, but I can be better.  I look forward to using it in all aspects of my missionary work this week!

Sister Mustain

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