Thursday, July 30, 2015

Exchanges, Zone Conference, & More

"The Lord knows what He wants to accomplish with each one of us. He knows the kind of reform He wants to achieve in our lives, and we do not have the right to counsel Him."  -Elder Rafael E. Pino

This week I learned a lot about relying on the Lord and to stop making excuses. On Friday we had a combine zone conference where we learned a lot about working with members, being clean (inside and out!), and learning Korean. I learned how important members are to missionary work. The missionaries maybe the ones who teach the lessons, but the members are the ones who help people to progress in the gospel. President Gordon B. Hinckley said every new convert needs a friend, a calling, and a way to feel the gospel. For this the missionaries aren't the answer, it’s the members. 

Zone Conference also taught me a lot about learning the language. I learned it is alright to make mistakes and Koreans actually love them. They love it when you try to talk to them whether it is good or not. I also learned it is important to speak slowly and create opportunities to speak. 

So, as part of becoming a threesome, Sister Holmes and I became Sister Training Leaders. That meant we had to go on exchanges. I went to 평택 with Sister Kwak (). She is Korean, so it was a little hard to communicate, but I learned a lot. I learned I don't need a Korean companion to learn Korean. I just need to try. Learning Korean is like doing a 1,000 piece puzzle. It takes a long time, but is possible. 

If I could put what I learned this week into one sentence, it would be... Never give up when life gets tough, because that is when you are able to learn the most. I know God loves each of us. I know this gospel is true. 

Mustain 자매

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