Friday, April 24, 2015

Miracles Happen! God Answers Prayers!

Time flies so much faster in the mission field than it did at the MTC. By the end of the day I'm so excited to hit that pillow and sleep. We do a lot of walking here in Korea which is good, but it makes me so tired. 

This week flew by, so much happened in so little time. Last P Day, after emailing, we went to see the flower festival. There wasn't much to see because of the rain, but it was fun and relaxing.

On Tuesday we fasted as part of a 40 day fast our mission is doing. For 40 days there is always a set of missionaries in our mission fasting. I have a hard time fasting, especially when we do a lot of walking, but with God's help we made it to dinner and throughout the week we saw many blessings because of it.

Wednesday was a pretty normal day. We had study time in the morning, district meeting, and I had to do TIP which is a program to help me learn Korean and apply it to our lessons. I learn a certain number of sentences each week and then at the end of the week, I have to use them in a role play. We taught an investigator who really just has an English interest. Are you ready for this? The miracle of the day was we contacted our investigator, 강미겅 (or Crystal), and asked her if she could meet with us on Thursday and she said yes! This was amazing because I hadn't met her yet and she was a progressing investigator right before I came.

Which brings me to Thursday. Thursday was amazing! I was able to meet Crystal. She is so fun and outgoing. She loves animals and she is looking for direction in her life. I can feel she is ready for the gospel when I'm around her. The plan was to share Choose to Believe with her from General Conference since she wasn't able to watch it. She listened, but she was a little bored. Then we discussed the talk and Sister Kelly took the lead. Sister Kelly asked her what her favorite scripture was since she has been reading the bible. She said it was Matthew 3:16-17, which is the story of Christ's baptism. So Sister Kelly taught her about baptism and the Holy Ghost and how we can always have the Holy Ghost with us through the gift of the Holy Ghost. Then I bore my testimony of it with the little Korean I knew, after Sister Kelly asked her to be baptized in June. The spirit was so strong and I could see it touched Crystal's heart. She said yes, and now we are preparing her for baptism. It was an incredible experience and I know God helped me to both speak and understand Korean during the lesson, because I had started praying for the interpretation of tongues as well as the gift of tongues. The coolest thing was all of this happened while the Elders in our district were fasting.

So many more amazing things happened this week, but I'll stick with that. I know God hears and answers our prayers. I know  he continually blesses us as we rely on him and seek his guidance. I know I say this every week, but don't forget to pray. Throughout my mission so far, prayer has been the one thing that keeps me going, and the one thing that continues to bless my life. Thank you for all your prayers in my behave, and know I'm praying for you as well. Good luck in the coming week!
Sister Mustain


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