Sunday, April 5, 2015

I Made It To Korea!

Wow, I can't believe I've been in Korea for almost a week. The flight was long, but I traveled with all the other missionaries going to Korea and slept a lot, which made it fly by. It was hard to adjust to the time difference, but by the end of the week I was used to it.  

My first area is Gyesan and Bupyeong. It is basically one big city. The people here are very friendly and loving which is good because I barely understand what they are saying to me. My trainer, Sister Kelly helps me with the language barrier. She is from Ontario, California and I'm excited to be her companion for the next 12 weeks!

On Friday we had English class which was a little weird because we were speaking English. However it was fun and I was able to meet some people in the area. On Saturday we did what is called sticker boarding. What you do is you give people stickers and have them place their sticker on a question they want answered, then give them a sheet of paper with the answer.  At first I was a little hesitant, however once I started speaking I felt more confident. Later that day we taught a sister named  . First we taught her English and then we explained our purpose as missionaries. I don't know if she felt it, but as we taught I felt the spirit. I'm so grateful to be here on this mission giving my all to God. I know God loves these people. I can see it as I have come to know them.

On Sunday I had to introduce myself and bare my testimony. It was hard to introduce myself, but I was able to bare my testimony from my heart with ease. I know it was through God I was able to do that. I'm so grateful to be a missionary giving my all to my Heavenly Father. During my personal study, I was reading about giving my will to God. It made me think of the story of when Nephi and his brothers went back to Jerusalem to get the plates. They tried twice with no success, but on the third try they did as God directed them to do. Nephi gave his will to God, and God blessed him and helped him bring Zoram unto Christ. I know if I rely on God and give my will to him he will bless me. I know that as you come unto Christ you can receive those blessings whether you are on a mission or not. I testify this is true.

Good luck with the coming week, and don't forget to pray!

Mission President-Brother & Sister Morrise
 Sister Kelly my new companion

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  1. Courtnie you look and sound great! So proud of you! Korea is blessed to have you!