Friday, April 17, 2015

God Truly Loves Each of Us.

This week was crazy! We had a lot of meetings and we had General Conference on Saturday and Sunday.  If I could pick one thing to share with you that I learned this week is God truly loves us. 

At the beginning of the week I was feeling a little low because missionary work is different than I thought, and I felt I wasn't good enough.  So I prayed to know that God loves me and to know  my work is sufficient.  However, I didn't just pray, I studied it out as well.  On Tuesday, we talk Sister 조미지. She is a student attending a university in our area. She is my age, and we taught her about how God loves her.  As we taught she was so focused and intent on our message and she asked a lot of questions. I felt so much love for her and could feel the spirit testify to me that God loves her. I didn't say much, but I was able to bear my testimony. In preparing for that lesson and teaching her, my prayer was answered.  I learned God loves me.

I've been studying the Christ like attributes in preach my gospel, and as I have done that I feel God's love for me. I know God loves me because when I feel all alone I know he is there to pick me up. General Conference also testified this to me. It taught me through the gospel of Jesus Christ there is no room for doubt. 

I know God loves us, and I know through the gospel of Jesus Christ we can feel his love.

This week I had the opportunity to get to know my companion as we do a lot of walking.  As I listen to her, I have developed so much love for her. She is so caring and loves the people of Korea so much. I know God put me with her for a reason, and this shows how much he loves me.
The people here are so loving. The more I get to know them, the more I love them.  I know God loves you and I know that as you pray you can come to know this for yourselves.  I wish you all best of luck this week in all you do!

Mustain 자매

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  1. We will all have struggles and doubts. It is normal and natural. What matters most is where/who we turn to in those times. Clearly you know Who to turn to and it is making all the difference! Thank you for that example! Love you!