Thursday, February 12, 2015

Life is Getting Better...Through Prayer

This week was so much better!  First of all, I got to do a temple endowment session in the Provo Temple and it was amazing!  After the session, my companion and I said a prayer together in the celestial room, and I could feel us drawing closer together.  It didn't smooth out all the glitches, but things got better. 

On Sunday, I was feeling emotionally distract and I felt like I was holding the world on my shoulders.  So I told my companion I needed a priesthood blessing for strength because I felt as if I was going to break down then and there. We asked the elders in my district to give me a blessing and it was incredible!  It gave me so much comfort and it helped me realize how I haven't been praying like I should.  I need to pour out my soul to my Heavenly Father when I pray because he knows me the best and he wants to hear from me.  Our district leader keeps telling us that we need to pray, and until I got that blessing, it hadn't hit me how much I needed it. I felt all the cares and worries wash away, and afterwards my companion decided to ask for a blessing also!  It is amazing how much you can feel the spirit when you seek it. 

On Monday, I was able to finally figure out what was bugging me in regards to the relationship between my companion and I.  As soon as I figured that out, I was able to pray about it and since Monday night, I just feel so much love for my companion.  She is funny, caring, and very social. She makes me a better person, and even though I didn't realize this from the start, through prayer I was able to figure it out. 

It is has been so hard for me to express my emotions.  I'm used to doing it in private, but here I am with someone 24/7. So I found that the best thing to do when you feel discouraged is say a quick prayer. Whether it be on your knees or in your heart, say a prayer.  It won't magically fix everything, but it gives me the strength to endure my challenges. It gives me the courage to move forward and do the things expected of me. 

1 Nephi 2:16 explains how Nephi prayed to the Lord to know what his father, Lehi, said was true. Before that it explains how Laman and Lemuel didn't believe in Lehi's words. Nephi probably had some doubts like we all do, but the difference between Nephi, and Laman and Lemuel is that Nephi asked.  The Lord is there just waiting for us to talk to him and the more we talk to him the more strength we will feel as we go about our lives. I testify that prayer is there to help us and that when things get hard, that is when I need it the most. 

Sister Mustain


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