Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What A Week!!

In order to feel more confident in my Korean abilities, I decided to have a Korean week. Sister Robinson agreed to do it with me too. We decided this week whenever we weren't at home we would speak Korean (including going to the park to exercise in the morning). At first it was a little difficult, but as the week went on I began to feel more comfortable speaking Korean than English. It really helped me to feel more confident in my Korean abilities. It also helped me to feel like I was helping my companion more. I'm so grateful for SYL(Speak Your Language). I was able to see all the benefits that come from it. In addition to feeling more confident and improving my Korean skills, we were able to see more miracles this week. One miracle was that we were able to find more people to teach.

One miracle happened when we decided to call previous investigators. We were able to schedule an appointment with the first person we called. Last week, we were able to meet with one we had called the week before. 

On Sunday our investigator came to the morning session of general conference! It was amazing, and she loved it. She seems happier every time we meet with her. She told us that Conference was just like the things we have been teaching her! 

I love serving in Korea! I'm so grateful for my decision to serve a mission. It has helped me to change for the better and is teaching me to work harder than I ever have in my life. I know that hard work brings blessings.  I know this gospel is true!! 

Sister Mustain


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